Summer schedule 2017

We will practise according to summer schedule 5.6.-13.8.2017. Classes will be held on Mondays from 18.00-19.15, on Wednesdays from 19.00-20.15 and on Fridays from 7.00-8.00. We will have a three week period with no training 3.-23.7.2017. During this summer break we will arrange Hanko summer seminar held by Endo Sensei.

Summer schedule has been updated to Classes-page.

Normal training schedule on week 8

Week 8 from Monday 20.2. to Sunday 26.2.2017 is the Winter holiday Week for Southern Finland, specifically children having holiday week from school. Despite the holiday Akari will organize training according to the normal weekly schedule. So the junior trainees will have a class on Saturday 25.2. from 11.30-12.30. Welcome to participate!

Thank you for participating to Endo Sensei’s weekend seminar!

We want to thank you all 144 aikidokas who participated to Endo Shihan’s weekend aikido seminar in Tikkurila 3.-5.2.2017! Next year in 2018 we may have a change to organize the seminar during summer time. In 2018 our club Akari has been working 20 years and for Sensei it will be the 30th year when he will give an aikido seminar in Finland. But the negotiations with Sensei are still ongoing. We will inform you about our plans for 2018 as soon as possible.

Link to full resolution seminar picture: link

Akari has now webpage in English

Welcome to Akari aikido club’s new webpage! We are proud to present English version of our new webpage which is built using WordPress. Currently we are adding the basic information to the site. In the future we are going to provide information here in English especially about upcoming seminars.