Exception in schedule in February

The first two weekends of February 2018 have exceptional schedules:

  • Friday 2.2.18 at 7-8 the instructor for the class will be a guest from USA: Glenn Leichman 5.dan Aikikai
  • Akari organizes an international aikido weekend seminar by Endo Shihan 8.dan Aikikai at Tikkurila Sport Hall 2.2.-4.2.2018
    • Saturday 3.2.18 class on tatami 11.30-13.00 only for students participating to adults basic course
    • All students who have 6.kyu and above are allowed and encouraged to participate to the seminar! Come to visit at least one class, ie. on Saturday 3.2. at 11-13.
    • Saturday 3.2. class for junioris 11.30-12.30 will be arranged normally
    • Sunday 4.2. no class
  • On Saturday 10.2.2018 no classes
    • Tatami and wrestling area are both reserved for the use of Judo Young Adults World Championships
    • Meidokan dojo in Helsinki Herttoniemi arranges a seminar day for juniors on this date Saturday 10.2.108. Akari’s junior team gives more information about participating to the seminar: info
    • Students participating to adults basic course can attend the class on Sunday 11.2.2018 at 16.00-17.30

Change in Endo Shihan Yudansha seminar dates

The Yudansha seminar has been moved to take place after the weekend seminar! The change is due to Sensei’s other seminars: 30.-31.1.18 –> 6.-7.2.2018. All updated information on Akebono dojo’s website: https://akebono.fi/tapahtumia/endo-yudansha-2018/.

Also the Yudansa seminar in Sweden has been moved to take place after the Sigtuna weekend seminar (http://www.vanadis-aikido.se/seminarinfo/…/Endo/Endo2018.pdf).

The dates of the weekend seminars stay the same. We are very sorry for all the inconvenience this change causes you.

Exceptions in December

We will have two seminar days in December and quite a few cancellations during the holidays as well. Here is a list of all the upcoming exceptions.

Independence week

  • Tuesday 5.12.17 at 20.15-21.15 free training is possible
  • Wednesday 6.12.17 no class

Pre-christmas seminar weekend 16.-17.12.2017

  • Seminar on Saturday 16.12.17
    Seminar classes at 10.30-13.00 and at 15-17
  • Juniors will have their last class of the season at 11.30-12.30
    Next juniors class on Saturday 6.1.2018
  • Party at the cafeteria after the class!
  • No class on Sunday 17.12.2017

During holidays

  • No classes from Saturday 23.12. to Tuesday 26.12.2017
  • Seminar on Saturday 30.12.2017
    Seminar classes at 11-13 and 14.30-16.00
  • No class on Sunday 31.12.17 nor on Monday 1.1.2018.

Classes on wrestling area 2.12. at 11.30-12.30

Akari will arrange an aikido seminar “Tasoleiri” on Saturday 2.12.2017. The seminar will claim the tatami area at 10-13 and 15-17.

Adults and young trainees are welcome to train at the wrestling area on 2.12. at 11.30-12.30. Juniors class will be there as well, we will divide the space. Take your socks with you!

As part of the seminar there will be a dan test starting at 15.00. Everyone is welcome to watch!

Cancelled classes on Oct-Nov

We have to cancel some classes during October and November.

  • Monday 16.10.2017 no class for adults
    Unfortunately no substitute class available.
  • Saturday 28.10.2017 no class for juniors
    –> Substitute class on Sunday 29.10.17 on tatami at 16-17
  • Saturday 4.11.2017 no classes
    –> Substitute classes on Sunday 5.11.17 on tatami at 16-17 for juniors and at 16-17.30 for adults

Season start and exceptions

The autumn season in Akari has begun. The first junior class will be held on Saturday 19.8.17. Both experienced Akari juniors and those new to aikido are warmly welcome. The basic course for teens and adults will begin on Tuesday 22.8.17.

The first couple weekends of the season have exceptions in the training schedule: for teens & adults there will be no class on Saturday 19.8.17, and during the weekend 25.-27.8. instead of normal classes we have a change to participate to classes taught by Watanabe sensei.


Summer break and Hanko summer seminar

We have currently no classes in Akari due to summer break. We will be back on tatami from Monday 24.7.2017 following the summer schedule.

Hanko summer aikido seminar will begin on Thursday 13.7.2017 with the lead of Endo Shihan 8.dan. Welcome to the seminar! If you can’t participate to the whole seminar, we encourage you to come to Hanko for a day at least! The saturday 15.7.17 would be an excellent day to visit the tatami because after training there will be a dan test event and dinner.

We will update information about our autumn schedule on the website during July.

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“Progress comes to those who train and train.

Reliance on secret techniques will get you nowhere.”

-Morihei Ueshiba