Welcome to a try out class!

We are offering a free try out class in aikido on Monday, August 27th at 5pm. The class is one hour long. Just wear something comfortable and easy, like a T-shirt and sweatpants. On tatami we always practise bare footed.

The new basic course will start on Tuesday 28th of August at 8:15 pm.

Everybody is welcome!




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Classes continue with summer schedule

Welcome back to Tikkurila Sport Hall tatami tomorrow Monday 23.7.2018 at 18:00-19:15. We will continue to train according to the summer schedule for the next three weeks. Autumn training schedule will start from Monday 13.8.2018.

Summer classes availabe

  • Monday 18:00-19:15 Jari/Jaana
  • Wednesday 19:00-20:15 Miranda/Taina
  • Friday 7:00-8:00

Come and enjoy training with us in this exceptional summer weather!

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Current classes in Akari 06/18

Next classes in Akari dojo

  • Monday 18.6. at 18:00-19:15 Jari Alasuutari 4.dan
  • Wednesday 20.6. at 19:00-20:15 Miranda Saarentaus 6.dan
  • Friday 22.6. no class: Enjoy the Midsummer!
  • Monday 25.6. at 18:00-19:15 Jari Alasuutari 4.dan
  • Wednesday 27.6. at 19:00-20:15 Miranda Saarentaus 6.dan
  • Friday 29.6. no class: in the evening at 19:00-20:30 Blues seminar in Järvenpää (info)
  • Summer break 2.-22.7.2018
    • During the break we arrange Hanko aikido seminar 12.-15.7.2018 : info
  • On Monday we continue according to summer schedule with class at 18:00-19:15.

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Ariga Sensei in Akari

Kaname Ariga Sensei 6.dan Aikikai from Saku Dojo in Japan will teach two separate classes in Akari

  • On Friday 8.6.2018 training time 7:00-8:00
    Price 10 €.
  • On Monday 11.6.2018 training time 18:00-19:15
    Price 15 €.

The classes are open to everyone interested. Welcome!

In addition to Akari’s classes Ariga Sensei will give classes in

  • Jukara dojo, Myyrmäki, Vantaa weekend seminar 8.-10.6.2018: link
  • Jukara dojo, Myyrmäki, Vantaa morning classes 11.-13.6.2018: link
  • Kinoumi dojo, Kirkkonummi evening class 12.6.2018 at 18:20-20:00: link

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The beginning of summer season

Next weekend we will arrange classes according normal schedule: classes for teens & adults on Saturday 2.6. at 11:30-13:00 and on Sunday 3.6. at 16:00-17:00. Juniors have already had their last class for the season, and will continue on August.

Please note that we will start to train according to the summer schedule on Monday 4.6.2018. On the first Monday 4.6. we will also have a kyu test. Everyone is welcome to participate either as an uke or as an audience. On next Monday 11.6.2018 we will have a guest instructor from Japan: Kaname Ariga Sensei 6.dan Aikikai (price 15 €). Everyone from Akari and other aikido clubs are very welcome to participate to Ariga Sensei’s class!

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Happening in Akari

During Easter the Tikkurila Sport Hall will be closed so we will have no classes on Friday 30.3., Saturday 31.3., Sunday 1.4. nor on Monday 2.4.2018. Seminar possibilities can be found in Aikidoliitto’s calendar: link.

Next kyu-test day will be on Saturday 14.4.2018. The class will start with normal training for about 45 minutes and after that will be the test. If you want to do a kyu test, please sign up at the latest a week before on Saturday 7.4.2018.

PS. If you are already making plans for the upcoming summer, we will arrange an annual summer aikido seminar in Hanko 12.-15.7.2018.

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Exception in schedule in February

The first two weekends of February 2018 have exceptional schedules:

  • Friday 2.2.18 at 7-8 the instructor for the class will be a guest from USA: Glenn Leichman 5.dan Aikikai
  • Akari organizes an international aikido weekend seminar by Endo Shihan 8.dan Aikikai at Tikkurila Sport Hall 2.2.-4.2.2018
    • Saturday 3.2.18 class on tatami 11.30-13.00 only for students participating to adults basic course
    • All students who have 6.kyu and above are allowed and encouraged to participate to the seminar! Come to visit at least one class, ie. on Saturday 3.2. at 11-13.
    • Saturday 3.2. class for junioris 11.30-12.30 will be arranged normally
    • Sunday 4.2. no class
  • On Saturday 10.2.2018 no classes
    • Tatami and wrestling area are both reserved for the use of Judo Young Adults World Championships
    • Meidokan dojo in Helsinki Herttoniemi arranges a seminar day for juniors on this date Saturday 10.2.108. Akari’s junior team gives more information about participating to the seminar: info
    • Students participating to adults basic course can attend the class on Sunday 11.2.2018 at 16.00-17.30

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Aikido Basics class starts January 9th 2018

Welcome to Akari’s Basics class. Aikido is a Japanese budo sport where the aim is to guide the attack past by using the opponent’s force without harming him or her. No previous budo or sports backround needed. People of all ages and of all conditions are welcome.

In the beginning you’ll only need comfortable loose clothing. We practise barefoot.
Basics class is on Tuesdays 20:15– 21:15 and on Saturdays 11:30– 13:00.

Course starts on Tuesday January 9th 2018.
Fee: 130 € (including membership and course fees)

Junior Beginner’s class starts already Saturday January 6th (class is held on the wrestling mat, please wear socks or something similar)
Fee 100€ (including membership and course fees)

If you are not able to join right from the beginning, you’re still welcome to join us during January 🙂

Address: Trio Sport Center, Läntinen Valkoisenlähteentie 52, Vantaa
Tatamis are located in the basement.

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Change in Endo Shihan Yudansha seminar dates

The Yudansha seminar has been moved to take place after the weekend seminar! The change is due to Sensei’s other seminars: 30.-31.1.18 –> 6.-7.2.2018. All updated information on Akebono dojo’s website: https://akebono.fi/tapahtumia/endo-yudansha-2018/.

Also the Yudansa seminar in Sweden has been moved to take place after the Sigtuna weekend seminar (http://www.vanadis-aikido.se/seminarinfo/…/Endo/Endo2018.pdf).

The dates of the weekend seminars stay the same. We are very sorry for all the inconvenience this change causes you.

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